Terms and Conditions

General rules
  • Pre-orders placed must have their down payment paid on or before the deadline. We do not extend payments for you have already been given time to settle the down payment. We are also not responsible to remind you for the down payment. 
  • Strictly no cancellation of orders once PO closes. Down-payment is non refundable nor transferrable. 
  • Once the item arrives, you will be notified via email. We will give you an amount of time to claim your order.
  • We give extensions for payments (upon arrival) accordingly. 
  • We can consolidate your items depdending on our available storage space. 

Unclaimed orders

  • If you don't claim an order once (1st time), we will charge 50% of it to your upcoming order. Items consolidated to us will also be on hold until you settle your balance. 
  • Suki members who cancels an order will no longer receive incentives.
  • If you don't claim your order for the second time, all your orders will be cancelled and will be banned from the shop. Items consolidated to us will be forfeited as well. No refund will be given for down-payments paid.