Phantasy Star Online 2 - Gene Stellainnocent Version

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ETA: August 2021


Release Month
Jul, 2021
Product Size
160mm tall
PS・ABS・POM・PVC(phthalate ester-free)

Product Description

Gene from the mobile game spinoff of the popular online RPG Phantasy Star Online 2 by SEGA games, Phantasy Star Online 2es is now available as a fully articulated plastic model kit! The game’s heroine wears the “Stellainnocent” outfit she dons for the first half of the game’s story.

The model’s sculpting faithfully recreates the character’s appearance from the game, and thanks to the use of CAD technology, boasts an excellent range of articulation that makes it easy to recreate poses and scenes from the game.

As a plastic model kit, Gene is highly customizable, and can even be equipped with parts from the ASRA NINJA and ASRA ARCHER Megami Device Kits, which were designed by Nidy-2D, the illustrator for Gene’s character art in the game.


Model Specifications:
・The kit includes three pre-printed face parts (Default/Looking Left, Looking Right/Smiling, and Winking)
・The face parts are all pre-printed, with no decals or painting required.
・The hand parts are attached with a ball joint, allowing for a wide range of expressive poses.
・The kit includes five sets of PVC hand parts.
・The “wings” on either side of the double saber can be folded in or attached with clear blades when fully extended.
・The kit includes additional attachment parts to help the model securely hold the weapon, as well as attachment parts to for the mount on the character’s waist.
・The model is equipped with 3mm openings in two places, allowing for a variety of combinations for attaching bases and weapons.
・The model has a universal neck joint that can be used with other model kits, including the ASRA Megami Device units designed by the same illustrator as Gene.
・The kit includes decals for the eyes and other markings.

Included Items:
・Three face parts (Default/Looking Left, Looking Right/Smiling, and Winking)
・Five sets of PVC hand parts
・Double Saber
・Weapon and base attachment parts
・Double saber attachment parts

(This item is a reproduction.)